Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cleansing my Body

Good Saturday morning to you! Saturdays never feel so good as at the end of the year when all the kids and teachers are going a bit crazy for a long break. When this time of year rolls around we are all ready for weekends, holidays and the slowest to come of all the end of the year.  As the time at work is getting harder I am trying to do MORE things to keep my health up and focus on something other than the imminent end of the school year. So the first thing that I did was the Shakeology Cleanse that I have been hearing about from friends and fellow Beachbody teammates.

So after reading and hearing about the cleanse I started on Wednesday, wanting to cleanse my body being 2 months out of the Daniel Fast I have have slowly begun to let pastas and some of the other foods that bloat me sneak into my everyday diet. I was also starting to get depressed about my plateau and seeking answers from every angle, but the one that was right under my finger tips. Another reason I wanted to try it is because people had said they  had lost anywhere between 5-10 lbs. and felt their stomachs had reduced in size.  The cleanse is quite simple and much easier than some other cleanse's that I have attempted in the past so I stopped stalling and through my hat into the Shakeology cleanse ring hoping for some of the outcomes I had heard about.
I started Wednesday Morning, though I forgot I wasn't suppose to drink coffee I kept going adhering to the other rules.  3 shakes a day, 2 green or detox teas, and a dinner of salad and 4oz chicken or fish.
A shake for breakfast was typical, I generally have a shake every morning.  I had strawberries for my morning fruit snack then a Greenberry shake for lunch. The lunch meal was probably the hardest thing for me to be consistent on. The last day of the cleanse I forgot my Shakeology at home so I ate my snack and hoped that I would make it until I got home. I did and I ate dinner at an early hour and broke the cleanse with 2 hardboiled eggs because I needed more protein.
I may not have been perfect on my cleanse, but I am not perfect on diets. I am forgetful, thats why I have multiple to do lists in varying forms of writing. I like to eat sweets, sometimes I crave salt and I indulge myself so that I don't get obsessive and think about these foods all the time. But this doesn't mean I didn't see any results.  I lost 5lbs and lost 3.9 inches from all over my body. (Don't be deceived by the word lost I am not going to seek it back out and reclaim it, but until I find the word I do like I will go with the Popular word for losing weight.)
One of my favorite things about this cleanse was that I was still able to go out and eat, Fisherman's Market and Grill is one of our favorite restaurants and since I have not been motivated to cook fish this was a perfect option. I was able to stay with in the rules of the cleanse since they made grilled chicken and would substitute chips for salad and even have  a low calorie menu called the Lifeboat menu.
Now everyones results are not the same. Like with any eating habits you choose you will have different results. I would encourage you to try this if you have hit a plateau or you are looking for a change in your life.  I am an Independent Team BeachBody coach and would love to talk to you about your goals and share more info about Shakeology with you. You can go to here, to get more information and contact information for me.
Have a wonderful Sunday and I will see you tomorrow with a delightful Meatless Monday.

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