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This is a post that I wrote for my Coach about why I decided to become a coach. Do you have a passion for sharing fitness with others? Do you want your friends and Family to share in your love of nutrition and fitness. BeachBody is the perfect business to start with. As and Independent Coach you are able to share the products you already love and make money. If you are just looking for someone to motivate you through your goals you can go here. I would love to talk about your goals and the things that I have done to keep on track and what BeachBody has to offer. 

Hi, I am Penny Knight and I am an Independent Team BeachBody Coach on Chloe’s team. She asked me to share why I decided to become a coach. When Chloe asked me to do this I was not sure what to write about and figured the easiest answer would be no. This is an answer that I give frequently when asked to step out of my comfort zone, but this year I am trying to make myself uncomfortable, so I can become a well-rounded person. I do not want to miss any more experiences because I am scared to fail.
Becoming more well-rounded is one of the reasons that I decided to become an Independent Beachbody Coach.  Let me tell you a little background. I have been part of Team BeachBody since approximately 2006 and have used the tracking system that they have for exercise and made use of the online schedules. I always had a sense of pride when I completed a workout and the day’s line would change from green to blue.  Being one of the members of the Super Gym I had always known about the opportunity to become a coach but I was scared.  I held myself back because I had not reached my goal weight, I was insecure about the rate at which I lose weight, or I just plain doubted my ability to be a coach. 
For the better part of a year, I have been praying that God would give me the opportunity to work at home while attending school.  Attending school was not the only reason I wanted the ability to stay home. I also live with my Grandmother; we have been together for almost 10 years now and have grown very close.  In February of this year, she got quite sick, it had slowly crept on and we ended up in the ER because her O2 levels were so low they didn’t feel safe sending her home.  This is the weekend that I started looking more seriously at becoming a Coach. This process started with asking a few questions and then obsessively searching online for anything negative about the company. I will not lie I did find something, one thing, but after assessing it I felt it was more this one person’s opinion, because they felt they had been wronged.
I believe at this point I told Chloe I was going to make the leap and do it, but had to wait until payday. Payday took forever that month.  I was so excited I think my poor Grandmother tuned me out every time I talked about BeachBody. For 2 weeks while I waited for money to come in it was almost non-stop BeachBody talk, I also went to the coach site like 100 times looking through all the information getting more and more excited.
Finally the weekend came that I got paid and I freaked out. I was venturing into something I had never done and worst of all I could FAIL! But I wanted to change my life and I knew at making this first step would make a change in my life. That Monday because I had been hemming and hawing around Chloe contacted me and asked if I was going to do it, and I did that night when I returned home.  I was so happy I think I was dancing around the house, going into the back office reading everything they had and I just couldn’t wait to get my package so I could start sharing.
Fast Forward to getting my package in the mail, I was so excited to get started, but then I realized I would have to further step out of my comfort zone and actually talk to people about BeachBody.  After the initial fear, I realized I already do this, but now it would be different because I would be able to  put people in direct contact with the products that I already loved.  I started sharing online with Facebook and Twitter and started getting more serious and I am sure I sounded like a infomercial, but this started with people at work asking me about Shakeology and the workouts I was doing.  The best part was I only had to share my experience and let BeachBody  advertising do the rest. 
Sharing Shakeology is probably my favorite thing to do, because I love it. I have never had a meal replacement drink that tastes so good. I started with my Grandma who is a picky eater because of her multitude of allergies.  She loved it and has since become a coach so she can get the coaches discount.  I also got a friend at work who shares the love of working out with me. She is a little firecracker and was excited to get connected with this company and be able to further share her love of working out and nutrition with her family and friends.  So with the help of these two wonderful women they helped me become an Emerald Coach. 
Thank you for reading my story, I hope that you too will become a Coach. This is such a wonderful opportunity to make some of your personal dreams come true. Whether it be to pay off your bills, go on a wonderful vacation, become a stay at home worker, you can do this and the best part is you get to share your love of exercise and nutrition with some of the best products on the market and help people change their lives.  

Decide, Commit, Succeed
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