I know everyone has probably seen the commercials for P90X , I have seen them 100's of times and even enjoy watching them on YouTube when I need a little motivation, because this is the program I am working towards. The harder the program the more I want to try it, but I am also a realist knowing that I need to work up to P90X. One thing that I liked when searching out P90X was that Beachbody offered a wide variety of exercise programs depending on your personal workout ability. I started out with one of their beginner programs, Yoga Booty Ballet

I really enjoyed this workout because it made me feel delicate and less like the white girl dancer that I truly am. I will still do these workouts on days I have less energy or days "rest" days because they are good workouts that get me sweating and help my endorphins pep me up during an afternoon slump. After doing Yoga Booty Ballet for a while I really felt as though I needed more of a challenge so I went to my local Target store and picked up some Jillian Michael's and Biggest Loser DVD's to keep me going towards my P90X goal. I really enjoyed the format of Jillian Michael's and after hearing about Insanity I thought that program was quite close and would be a walk in the park. You can start laughing now, because a walk in the park is not what Insanity is or will ever be. Shaun T makes it look to easy, but by the end of the session I would be dripping with sweat and smell disgusting.

After about 40 days and the realization that I wasn't quite ready for the intensity of Shaun T and Insanity I returned to the Team Beach Body website and searched through their programs searching for one that was right for me and would give me the ability to build some muscle. The answer to my search was Chalean Extreme. It took me some time to finally get started and always found the excuse not to follow through, whether I was to busy, tired or not feeling well. But after getting Connected with Chloe Gibbs my Beach Body Coach I was motivated to try again. So on December 26, 2010 I recommitted to Chalene Johnson and her weightlifting program.

I am more than 1/2 way through this program and still love it. This program has helped me realize I am can lift heavier weights than I realized. About 3 weeks after I started the program I had to go out and purchase new adjustable weights so I could keep up with my progress and now about 5 weeks later I am graduating out of these weights and need to visit Target for the 5lb-25lb set.

So having done these products for such along period (5 years) I finally decided to make the decision to become a Team Beachbody Coach. I love these products and have let go of many of my negative opinions of infomercial products. I have been trying to recommend these products to my family and friends for as long as I have done these programs which often fall on deaf ears. Though I want to reach others and share my motivation for working out and healthy living.

So I am continuing my journey towards P90X and will be doing a Chalean Extreme and Turbo Fire Hybrid program. If you currently have these products and would be interested contact me and we can be a source of Motivation when the days seem to be to short for workouts.

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TeamBeachbody site:

What are some of your favorite workout programs?
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