Who is Penny?

          Who is Penny? Why has she had 3 blog addresses in less than 3 years? What does this girl like to do? Is she crazy?
          Well I can answer all of those questions, well except for maybe the last one. The state of my sanity is generally questionable, but for the most part I think I am coloring with the full box of crayons. Some of my craziness leaks out when I choose foods to eat.  I love food pretty much any type of food I will eat whether it be fresh from the tree fruits, still dirt covered vegetables or a beloved maple bar. I try pretty much anything, but nothing compares to my beloved condiments. I love ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, hummus, or cream cheese just to name a few. I will often choose meals based only on the basis whether ketchup or another condiment will taste good on it and if I can't think of something you might be able to catch me eating it directly from the container (don't worry we have guest condiments too ;) ha ha ha). 
             Now those are some Halloween costumes I would wear;-). When I am not eating condiments I am experimenting with new vegetarian meals. After completing the the Daniel Fast I decided to cut a number of foods out of my diet including meat, dairy, and sugar. I am also gluten intolerant so for almost 2 years now I haven't eaten some of the foods I love the most. (I am not perfect though and once in a blue moon you will catch me indulging in a Cinnamon Roll, Pizza, or fluffy hamburger bun.) I have found that being vegetarian has been very rewarding, but to get enough protein I have to be in the kitchen making meals from natures bounty. Most days I don't mind this, though it is difficult on the days I have been on the go since early in the AM till 5 or 6 at night. But I have grown to like leftovers and discovered the foods that do the best as a second or third time around meal. 
         I am not only a cook/experimentor, I am also a student.  I attend California State University San Bernadino and have been trying to complete my degree for 4 years. I transfered to this school in 2007 after moving to California from Washington and have had to jump through hoops in completing the classes did not transfer from Washington. During this time I have changed my mind about 100 times as to what I want to do when I grow up and most recently I realized the one thing that has always been my love is food, motivating others and exercising. Though I have not always been consistent with the last of these three I find imense joy in exercise so after much deliberation I made the decision to become and Independent Beachbody Coach. 
        What does being a Beachbody Coach mean? Well it means that I can take my 3 loves and share it with people around the country. I have also been able to find people online that enjoy exercise, healthy foods, and motivating others as much as I do. For more info on Beachbody Coaching go here.
        Though I have not figured out the Balance to Life and Love and I am trying to figure this out while sharing this journey with you.
Love you all!

See I said I would use anything as a mode of transport for my beloved Ketchup, even my sweet puppy Po. (No dogs were harmed in photographing)

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