Saturday, August 6, 2011

We made it Vancouver Washington!

Here are some Cell Pictures from the first 4 days of our trip. 
 Ashland Dog park, So didn't want to leave this beautiful area. 

 This picture was so cool, I wanted to share it. I totally dig Camera360 for Android.
 An Oregon Rest Stop, Who knew they had rest stops that were so Picturesque.
Columbia River.

 There may be many pictures of water in the upcoming days, I have so missed living close to the a large body of water. 
Now I have to fight this girl for the 2nd bed in the hotel room, she is a little mad I chose to use the Eliptical machine rather than walking her in the dark "Cold" (70 degree) Washington Night. 

See you Soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rooad Trippppp!

We set of the other day to see family in Oregon and quickly decided to continue on to Washington since we were so close. Here are some pictures of where we have been so far. 
 Vista Del Lago, such a tease there was no water access from where we were.  :(
 I <3 when they act this cute! Doesn't always happen, but it is cute. 
Where I am staying. There is a  great piece of undeveloped land that I get to take the dogs on a off leash walk, those pictures will be tomorrow. 
While I was at the Sun Dial bridge in Redding, Ca I was blessed to see many butterflies and this one landed on the plant behind me while the puppies were cooling their paws in the river. 
Sun Dial bridge and this can be used as a sundial. when you cross the bridge there is a curb that has time and when I was there it was accurate. 
The backside of the bridge. 

Well until tomorrow. I will remember to take my camera with me as I travel around the little area of Ashland. There are so many unique stores and beautiful sites, I want to get them all on film. I hope you are all doing well and will be back soon. 

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