Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yeah for Wednesday!

Good Day, Ever since I posted the phrase "Good Eye Might" I want to open every email, blog post or text with that. Really I can't help but to smile when I type it.  But on to Wednesday, today was a good start to it and rapidly descended into not so great, but I planned to do What I Ate Wednesday because I always enjoy being able to go back and get ideas from myself and the others on Peas and Crayons Link party. 

My breakfast, Greenberry Shakeology with 1 Cup Strawberries and 1 cup OJ Blended. 
 This is the new Java Blue Lime Twist at Starbucks. This is the Bomb Diggity drink. They have one other flavor and it adds the perfect fresh taste to the morning coffee. I could drink this everyday. 
 My on the Road Snack we were driving all over the desert getting some stray errands done that we had missed on Monday. 
 Lunch was a Pear and Tofu Shiritaki Fettuccine. This is a great meal and super simple to make.
1 Package Tofu Shiritaki Noodles
2Tbs Cream Cheese
2 Tbs Sour cream 
2Tbs Parmesan
It tastes great with veggies as well, but I was so hungry I didn't even think about veggies.
Dinnet BLT on Schar mini baguettes. These little Baguettes were fabulous, since going Gluten Free I haven't had a hoagie sandwich and every once in awhile I will miss them, but not anymore. The Sandwich was quite good and I really wanted to spend an hour eating it so it would never end but alas it was so good I hoovered it. 
If you are Gluten Free I recommend that you try the Schar products, each item I have tried has been a great re-placer for the breads I gave up so long ago. Well I gotta run and maybe give the dogs that walk they have been bugging me about now that it has cooled down.  

Have a great Evening!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tongue Tied Tuesday

Good Day! I have been quite busy this weekend working on a blog post craft with a friend that isn't completed yet so the planned post for the beginning of this week is on hold until probably Friday. This put me in a bit of a bind because I didn't know what I was going to do. As I read through a day of The Bible in 90 Days (checkout the plan here) then read Eat that Frog (about getting rid of procrastination), then continued on to re-arrange and clean my bedroom and all the while thinking about what I was going to post today. After all that thinking I still can't decide what to share with you.

Today I will share with you some pictures from  Platinum Presenters meeting I went to a few months ago. It was such a wonderful day I got to hear people from my Beachbody Team share their stories and encouragement as well as be encouraged by people Like Tony Horton, Brett Hobel, Shaun T, and Chalene Johnson.  It makes me so happy to know I get to work with and for a company that cares not only about every person's physical health but also about their relational and mental health.
Started off early in the morning, but I was still happy to be up and on my way. 
 Goodbye heat to the desert and quiet streets of Indio.
 So beautiful driving past the windmills and slowly seeing the thermometer go down. 
 When I got over the mountains I found these thick clouds that seemed totally out of place for the middle of June. 
 What is this stuff? Is it fog? I haven't seen this since leaving Washington. 
 It took me 45 mins to go  1 mile, now I am glad I never sought out a job in LA. I wanted to take a nap it took so long. 
 Christine Dwyer
 Shaun T.  This man was so much better looking in person. 
 As was this man, Tony Horton. I hope I am in half as good of shape when I am knocking on the door of 60. 
 Brett Hobel of Rev Abs and the Biggest Loser

 Chalene Johnson, So petite but such a firecracker. "Smart People Take Notes."
 With Chloe Gibbs, My Beachbody Coach and motivator. You Rock Girl. 
Seriously Traffic at 10pm there is something wrong with that. But I made it home and have a great day to remember and so inspired every time I look back at my notes or look that these pictures. 

What is something that you did recently that has resounded in your heart and mind for months?

Hopefully Tuesday doesn't find you with an artistic block, 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fabulous Food Fridays and New food finds

Good Friday, The  wonderful end to the week, beginning of the weekend and its summer so going outside to enjoy a patio meal, a swim, or just a good walk with the pups is definitely in order. Now that you have enjoyed the outdoors for a little while you probably worked up an appetite and for anyone out there that is Gluten Free and has missed garlic bread I have the answer for you. Schar "Europes best gluten free product",
I would have to say that I agree. They have these little cheese crackers that taste way better in soup than oyster crackers ever did. But back to the Baguette, I have tried with no avail to make baguettes to go with my lasagna's, pasta's and french onion soups with no luck. They all turned out to be smooshy breads that would absorb all the juice of the soup and fall apart before i even had the chance to poke my spoon through the top of the perfectly browned cheese. When I saw this in the local natural food store and knew this weeks E-Mealz menu included Lasagna and Ravioli I had to try it. Even Better the  bread has no gluten, milk  or wheat in it. When I opened the bread it had the most wonderful smell, it smelled like sourdough bread. I immediatly ran to grandma and shoved it in her nose and made her tell me what she thought of. She asked me  again if it was really gluten free
because it smelt nothing like any of out gluten free breads
have smelt like in the past.  When I cut into it wasn't as dense as a full gluten baguette would be, but it wasn't as crumbly as the other breads I have tried. The garlic butter spread on easily and after baking the bread in the oven for about 30 minutes the butter had melted nicely and was a delightful addition to the  lasagna and salad that we had for dinner.

 It was great having garlic bread with dinner, I haven't had garlic bread since going gluten free and I occasionally miss it being able to mop up the left over marinara with bread, but alas I have it back.  Our dinner consisted of Crock Pot Lasagna, Garlic bread and a salad topped with dried cherries, apple, feta and Panera Bread Cherry Balsamic dressing.
This is the other recent find, a sugar grinder that has coffee beans and chocolate in it. Trader Joe's I love you! It is the perfect sweetener for tea and adds just a hint of chocolate to my Chai Tea.

I hope you all have a happy Friday and good plans for the weekend. Get out and do something fun, I will be helping a friend strip and stain her dinning room table. I look forward to posting either a beautiful recreation or the funniest story of two city girls refinishing furniture ever.

What are your plans for this weekend? 

Have you ever tried to say Good Eye Might? Try it there is no way to say it without sounding Australian.  Let me know in the comments if you tried. 
Have fun!

I linked up with:
Go check them out for some wonderful meal Ideas!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I like to be Beat: A P90X Review

There are many times in my life I have joked about being a Masochist, continually going to a job where children hit me, going to a job I don't like, kickboxing classes, or continuing to do the same action over and over and receiving the same negative result. I am starting to think that I really am a Masochist, because recently while discussing workout routines with my coach I told her that I wanted to try P90X but was scared of it. She, Chloe, told me you have done Insanity which is just as hard you can do P90X.  After making excuses to her and then continuing to make the same excuses for a few weeks following that conversation I decided to jump in with both feet and kick Tony's Butt and tell everyone I killed the program.  Ok, I guess I went from a little afraid to entirely too cocky and got my booty served to me the first day.
The first day cut out any thoughts of me being able to fly through the program.  It was Chest and Back This meant that I had to get reacquainted with my chin up bar which quickly changed to using the bands. Then the push ups, well again I have to say any swagger I went into this workout with was quickly kicked from me and replaced with a certain amount of humbleness and drive so I could kick butt like the women on the videos.
For me the first workout was the most difficult, because I do not have much strength in my upper body. But I fell in love with it though, as much as I struggled to finish the first week, starting the second week I invited friends to join me.  This made it that much better, because now I had people to cheer on and to help while I was working out alongside them.  Also the second week has given way to less muscle soreness and a better ability to jump. Where in the first week I was worried to jump on my recently sprained ankle I no longer felt the previous weakness.
So Far my favorites are Plyo-X and Kenpo -X. The difference between Insanity Plyo and P90X is great.  Where Insanity you pushed and pushed to get the program done quickly Tony has you slow down during some of the activities and really feel the movement you are doing. Kenpo-X is Karate/Kickboxing/Fun. Even though I couldn't kick high due to the pervious day's leg workout I  was dripping with sweat. There is something great about being able to punch kick and jump your way through a workout and it is great release of stress, just picture every hit you make is at your enemies.
I wish you luck on all your workout adventures, if you would like to become part of my team and receive weekly newsletters and move closer to your goals visit me here to receive a free Team Beachbody Account. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Green Foods Never Tasted this Good

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had a very relaxing weekend and now I am ready to jump back into life, well semi-normal life since I am on summer vacation now and have all day to clean, blog, read, and exercise. Really it is the life I strive to achieve and each summer I get a brief glimpse at what I want that drives me harder to meet my goal. But that is not why I am here today, I wanted to share with you more about the ingredients that can be found in Shakeology.

Shakeology is a full meal supplement drink that provides you with a full serving of fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, protein, and 70+ ingredients that will help to keep you regular, help muscle growth and repair, and with the added benefit of losing weight because one packet has 150 calories and can replace any meal of the day without making you feel hungry, sluggish or tired.  In my previous posts I went of the Antioxidants which can be found here and here. I also explored the source of protein that are used in Shakeology which can be found here and here. Today I am going to move on to the Green Superfoods that can be found in Shakeology and how they are helpful to our bodies.

Green Super foods are also known as Phytonutrients. These are said to boost immunity, help fit diseases, slow down the effects of aging, detoxify the body and help to alkalize the body. The source of Phytonutrients in shakeology are: Barley grass, blue -green algae, Chia seeds, Chlorella, Flax, Grape seed extract, Hydrilla, spinach, Spirulina, sprouted quinoa and wheat grass.
Barley Grass
Barley Grass has been used since ancient Greeks discovered  the leaf of the Barley plant could be used to treat GI inflammation and disorders. But this plant doesn't only treat GI inflammation and disorders it is also a "green food" which means it has various health benefits.  This is one of the few supplements that will support someones health at any age.  Some of the vitamins that can be found in barley grass are,  B1, B2, B6, B12, Vitamins C and E, Folic acid. In addition to the vitamins barley grass also contains 70 different minerals as reported by These minerals include calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium.  Barley grass has other benefits to the body including providing protein, fiber, enzymes and amino acids.  Besides improving the health of the body help prevent diseases as well as  improving the overall health of the body. According to barley grass can scavenge free radicals, and help with diseases such as arthritis, gout and rhematoid synovitis. Chlorophyll can also be found in barley grass which  helps to stimulate red blood cells which can accelerate wound healing and tissues growth.

Blue -Green Algae
You may have heard of Blue-Green Algae and didn't even realize it because it is also called spirulina or aphanizomenon. This algae is grown naturally in fresh water ponds and commercial in Asia and North America. writes that blue- green algae  is a rich source of nutrients and contains 50 -70 percent protein. It also contains all amino acids, is high in Vitamin A, complex -B and Vitamin E.  MedLine claims that blue-green algae contains more beta-carotene than carrots.  The Sloan -Kettering Cancer Center uses blue -green algae to help combat fatigue in their patients.
In tests done on healthy humans it has shown that spirulina increases the natural disease fighting cells. In studies at the Sloan-Kettering center  algae has fought virus and mutant cells as well as  inhibiting the cell growth in herpes, cytomegalovirus and influenza, (these have not yet been tested with humans.) In early tests Spirulina has been shown to lower cholesterol levels in animals and the blood sugar levels in Type-2 Diabetes human patients.
Chia Seeds
Chia seeds, you the commercial come on sing it Ch...Ch...Ch..Chia. Who knew you could eat it? well the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs knew you could and valued them more than gold.  I didn't have a clue until last year when I started reading some healthy living blogs and found a mass of runners, workout divas and moms consuming these in their breakfast cereal for the Omega-3's and other benefits to be found in them. When I rushed out to get them I had no clue exactly how many benefits these had but knew I wanted to live a healthier life. Chia seeds contain  vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein. It is also believed that besides being nutritious they also help to balance blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. Chia seeds are full of omega -3's and fiber and unlike flax seeds, Chia seeds are more readily available and can be stored for longer periods of time without going rancid. Because of the amount of Omega -3's Chia seeds may help you to lose weight. They can also help to feel fuller longer and help with the elimination of toxins. When Chia seeds are consumed they form a gel in the stomach which helps slow the conversion of carbohydrates  to sugar.  This means that you will continue to feel satisfied longer, provide you with more energy,  and eliminates blood sugar spikes.

As I do more and more research on the ingredients in Shakeology I am blown away but what I find. I want to get every member of my family on this drink immediately. I care that much about every ones health that I know we would benefit from just one shake a day. At $3.99 a day this is a steal, it costs less than your favorite Starbucks blended coffee and it provides you with enough fuel to make it through your day rather than suffering from a sugar crash and few afters you finish the Starbucks.  Since you now know a little bit more about this drink don't you think its time to order your 30 day supply. 30 days could change a lot in your life and bring you one step closer to the healthier person you are trying to be.  Go Here.

Wishing you a Happy Healthy Day,

Friday, July 15, 2011

Be Recognized by The President

Do you remember the PALA award when you were in school? What you don't know what the PALA is it is the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. This is an award that was set up by the Presidential Council on Fitness to help get children, adult and seniors active. So how does this affect us? I had that same thought, I have been out of school for several years now so I couldn't possibly be eligible, but we are.  The goals for adults to gain recognition and completion is to be active for 30 minutes  a day 5 days a week  for 6 out of the 8 weeks. For children (6-17year old) it is to be active for 60 minutes a day 5 days a week for 6 out of 8 weeks. That is simple right? Well it gets even easier, if you purchase Shakeology or ANY of the workout programs provided by Beachbody you will receive an electronic certificate saying that you participated in the PALA. That is more than I ever received in school, I don't remember ever getting a certificate just for trying, but now besides achieving more activity, a healthier lifestyle the President is sending you a certificate. Lets do this together, you can order programs here or order Shakeology here. If you have any questions in regard to Beachbody Programs or Shakeology email me, I would love to hear from you.
  Now lets get out there and make it an active day!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Changing Plans

Today I had planned to move on to the Green Superfoods that are found in Shakeology, but we had a difficult morning at home and needed a break from the normal wear and tear of life. So after lunch I demanded Grandma get in the car and we went for a drive. I was just planning on hitting up a few thrift stores for some arts and craft projects I am planning for this Summer. I had a small voice in my mind  say what about Big Bear. I kept going back and froth with myself trying to decide if I wanted to make that trek today. After stopping at the gas station then Jo Ann Fabrics I pointed the car west and waited to see where I would end up. When we hit the Redlands exit I got off and just started to make turns driving through orange orchards not really knowing what I was going to do when miraculously I ended up on the road that Lead to Big Bear.  As soon as I saw the Big Bear sign 51 miles ahead I knew that I had to go, Grandma didn't complain she just came along for the ride and I headed to Big Bear Lake and spent 1.5 hours walking with the pups and taking pictures.

I had a wonderful time, after so much time in the Desert I tend to forget how wonderful spending time in the mountains around pine trees I am able to think about everything but my problems. This also helped me to set some more goals for myself.  Someday you just have to set everything aside and do something different, that's what I did and now I feel like I can get back into the swing of normal life tomorrow and prepare to enjoy the process of getting to the goals I made while on my walk. Thanks for understanding that sometimes I just have to break the schedule and re-group.
I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow!

As I leave here are some Cell Pictures, well the ones that didn't get deleted.

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