Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I like to be Beat: A P90X Review

There are many times in my life I have joked about being a Masochist, continually going to a job where children hit me, going to a job I don't like, kickboxing classes, or continuing to do the same action over and over and receiving the same negative result. I am starting to think that I really am a Masochist, because recently while discussing workout routines with my coach I told her that I wanted to try P90X but was scared of it. She, Chloe, told me you have done Insanity which is just as hard you can do P90X.  After making excuses to her and then continuing to make the same excuses for a few weeks following that conversation I decided to jump in with both feet and kick Tony's Butt and tell everyone I killed the program.  Ok, I guess I went from a little afraid to entirely too cocky and got my booty served to me the first day.
The first day cut out any thoughts of me being able to fly through the program.  It was Chest and Back This meant that I had to get reacquainted with my chin up bar which quickly changed to using the bands. Then the push ups, well again I have to say any swagger I went into this workout with was quickly kicked from me and replaced with a certain amount of humbleness and drive so I could kick butt like the women on the videos.
For me the first workout was the most difficult, because I do not have much strength in my upper body. But I fell in love with it though, as much as I struggled to finish the first week, starting the second week I invited friends to join me.  This made it that much better, because now I had people to cheer on and to help while I was working out alongside them.  Also the second week has given way to less muscle soreness and a better ability to jump. Where in the first week I was worried to jump on my recently sprained ankle I no longer felt the previous weakness.
So Far my favorites are Plyo-X and Kenpo -X. The difference between Insanity Plyo and P90X is great.  Where Insanity you pushed and pushed to get the program done quickly Tony has you slow down during some of the activities and really feel the movement you are doing. Kenpo-X is Karate/Kickboxing/Fun. Even though I couldn't kick high due to the pervious day's leg workout I  was dripping with sweat. There is something great about being able to punch kick and jump your way through a workout and it is great release of stress, just picture every hit you make is at your enemies.
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