Friday, July 8, 2011

Changing Plans

Today I had planned to move on to the Green Superfoods that are found in Shakeology, but we had a difficult morning at home and needed a break from the normal wear and tear of life. So after lunch I demanded Grandma get in the car and we went for a drive. I was just planning on hitting up a few thrift stores for some arts and craft projects I am planning for this Summer. I had a small voice in my mind  say what about Big Bear. I kept going back and froth with myself trying to decide if I wanted to make that trek today. After stopping at the gas station then Jo Ann Fabrics I pointed the car west and waited to see where I would end up. When we hit the Redlands exit I got off and just started to make turns driving through orange orchards not really knowing what I was going to do when miraculously I ended up on the road that Lead to Big Bear.  As soon as I saw the Big Bear sign 51 miles ahead I knew that I had to go, Grandma didn't complain she just came along for the ride and I headed to Big Bear Lake and spent 1.5 hours walking with the pups and taking pictures.

I had a wonderful time, after so much time in the Desert I tend to forget how wonderful spending time in the mountains around pine trees I am able to think about everything but my problems. This also helped me to set some more goals for myself.  Someday you just have to set everything aside and do something different, that's what I did and now I feel like I can get back into the swing of normal life tomorrow and prepare to enjoy the process of getting to the goals I made while on my walk. Thanks for understanding that sometimes I just have to break the schedule and re-group.
I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow!

As I leave here are some Cell Pictures, well the ones that didn't get deleted.

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