Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fabulous Food Fridays! Pizza Re-Run

This is a post that I posted on an old blog, but it is a pizza that I loved and would recommend trying.  I am currently on a Shakeology Cleanse to help get me back on track and will be eating Salmon and steamed veggies tonight so I thought that I would share some of the typical Friday treats. I hope you have had a pleasant week and are ready to get your weekend started with a bang. I know I am and  will be finding immense fun as I get my car smogged and licensed tomorrow, oh well it may not be fun but I want to be square with the state for another year.  Have a fabulous evening and I will be back soon.

Another Meatless Monday.
I made Pizza! Some days I have a craving for pizza so strong I can hardly stand it and often contemplated calling up Domino's and getting their tasty veggie pizza. Though that thought generally is fleeting because I don't want to experience the pain of eating a gluten filled crust.  Tonight was one of those nights, partially in hopes that a pizza would magically appear. This didn't happen though so I set about making a new gluten free crust. I used the directions that were on the back of my Pamela's Bread flour mix, it turned out wonderfully, imagine that.
This was a simple crust, flour, yeast, water, oil and I put in some Parmesan cheese to add something to the crust.

While the crust was rising and cooking I sauteed up some mushroom and onions. I always think I need to venture out side my comfort zone of pizza toppings, but don't because Pizza making is done on a whim and these toppings are what I have on hand.

I could have eaten this crust just as it was dipped in ranch and tomato sauce, but alas I put all the toppings on so I would have a completed pizza.

Trader Giotto's Pizza sauce.

This is my favorite cheese. I use it for everything it has so much flavor I could eat it straight out of the bag.


I found some asparagus in the freezer and threw it on top, it added a good flavor and reminded me of a risotto I made almost every week last winter.

To ensure that I got some more greens I had a salad with Galeo's crack in a bottle. This is the only dressing I want to use anymore. If  I didn't love oatmeal so much I would have salad for breakfast, just so I can have this wonderful dressing.

And this was dinner last night, Chocolate Peppermint tea, salad, and pizza plus a seconds.

What was your Monday night meal?
What did you do this weekend?
Hike and Laundry:) The hiking was fun I don't know about the laundry but at least my co-workers won't complain about my stank.

Have a fabulous evening. See you Tomorrow!

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