Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pancake Sunday

Good Afternoon, Yes seriously Good Afternoon! I slept until almost 10am this morning, this is something I haven't done in such a long time I feel almost guilty about it. I really don't like sleeping in so long, but sometimes listening to your body is the only thing you can do, but sleep is also the way I know that I am truly sick. If I can't wake up or take a unplanned nap I know that my body is trying to fight something and with my recent sinus infection I know that I need to get a little extra sleep then I would generally give myself (typical for me is 7-8 hours).
Anyways I didn't start his to tell you about my ailments, I wanted to share with you the resurrection of Pancake Sundays. Ok well strictly speaking I was actually doing Pancake Saturdays, but since I had never made this recipe before I made it twice just to make sure that I really enjoyed it. Well the first time was to make sure I liked it the second time is because I wanted it.
Since I had recently started drinking Shakeology for breakfast I have felt great and will generally stay full for 3 to 4 hours until I can get my next snack or meal. But sometimes I have cravings for something warm for breakfast. So after a little trolling I found a recipe for Shakeology Pancakes that were on Carl Dailkler's  blog.

As a side note it is not recommended that Shakeology be cooked because heating it can damage the nutrients that are in this product.

Since I was ready to try some pancakes I whipped up a batch yesterday then again today so I could share with you what a delicious meal this makes.

As far as a form of Protein Pancakes go this has the fewest ingredients and turned out far better then some that I have consumed.
There were just a few ingredients and surprisingly I had them all in my house except for the Almond butter that I had used up the day before. (I also forgot to picture the coconut butter I used as a replacement.) 
 Mix it all up and I would recommend adding a little bit more water to thin out the batter.
 Throw then the greased  batter in the skillet and wait patiently or pace back and forth impatiently like I tend to do when I wait too long to eat breakfast. 
 But alas it really didn't take that long. I had four delicious pancakes to top with delicious homemade smashed strawberries.
 That smashed strawberries were delicious and were 100 times better then maple syrup.

Chocolate Shakeology Pancakes 

1 chocolate Shakeology pack 
1/4 cup skim milk 
1/4 cup eggwhites 
good dash of cinnamon powder 
2 tbsp all natural almond butter 
1/8 teaspoon baking powder 

Whisk together in a bowl. 
Use a relatively small frying pan unless you want 1 large pancake. I found it was easier and I made 2 medium size ones. Spray the pan first with olive oil spray. Only takes a minute or two so watch it and cook on low heat so it cooks through and doesn't burn! 
According to this meal has recipe has 384 calories. Both days I attempted to eat all the pancakes and found that I had two left over. I think that I will probably continue making them so it comes out with four and plan on having two for snack later in the morning with a little PB&J as a bread replacement. 
If you haven't tried Shakeology message me and I would love to send you a sample and if you would like to buy a box go to here for more information and store. 
Until tomorrow! Have a wonderful evening, day, or afternoon. 

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