Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fabu Food Friday!

Wait a second isn't today Saturday? Yes, why yes it is. This post is a day late because the first time I tried this recipe it flopped. Well it didn't flop, because it is still in my fridge and I am currently using it as cream in my iced afternoon coffees.  So the other day while trolling You Tube I came across a comedian's "vlog" type video where she reviews things.
Generally they are pretty funny which this one was as she reviewed her morning cup of coffee. (Don't judge I said I was trolling) The last thing she put on her coffee was whip cream which immediately gave me a hankering for some of the fluffy sugar filled goodness. 
That wasn't the first time that day either. While on Facebook a friend, Chloe Gibbs, took a picture of their Shakeology that they had made to resemble ice cream and topped it off with whip cream. Come on people you are killing me with your flaunting of that tasty white goodness, I can't eat. 
So now that I had a craving I began to think about the non-dairy choice of milks that I drink and I couldn't think of anything that would work. I have tried Soya Whip topping and had to throw out a full container because it wouldn't come out. The little bit I did try was not so great   :p. So after thinking about it for awhile I began searching and realized that Coconut Milk would be a good substitute and found a few recipes. The first recipe I tried was a flop :/ To thicken it it is suggested to use coconut or tapioca starch. This has left a grainy texture in the cream  and since I don't use refined sugars  it was hard to cover this up. 
As you can see it didn't completely thicken or become frothy as the pictures from the first recipe showed. This is when I began searching and found this cute little website called Nutty Kitchen which has quite a few recipes I will look forward to cooking. But the recipe that was really important to me was the whipped cream recipe. 

 I used 1 can of Full Fat Coconut milk because I will be the only one to eat it and don't need a surplus hanging around. So I put this in the Fridge over night so the water and milk would separate. This is what it looks like the milk goes to the top and firms up 
 So it can easily be separated by scooping it out of the can. 
 This is the water that was left over and it went nicely in my Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shakeology. 
 This is all the milk which I began to whip and once the lumps were out I added a dash of cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, and a squirt of honey. 

 It doesn't look or taste like cows milk whip cream, but for someone who has cut Cows milk out it is a great supstitute and took this cup of coffee from 
 Meh... too
Once again exciting food, that I haven't  had in several months. 

Yesterday I was on a replacement dairy kick especially after I watched this video:

Now I am currently trying to make Goats Milk Creme Friache. I asked this chef on You Tube if I could do use Goats Milk. Someone else answered the question and told me no. But I won't take this for an answer and  have done a bit of research and have hopefully found the answer to this. We will see, this goes for my homemade Greek yogurt as well. When I have solid answers I will post, but until then I wanted to let you know I have Greek Yogurt and Creme Friache in the works.

What have you been up to this week? What foods are you experimenting with?

Wishing you Fluffy Cream and  Sour Cream

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