Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday and some things I did too.

I am linking up to Peas and Crayons What I ate Wednesday (WIAW), because I thought it would be fun. I haven't posted a day of eating like me in a long while.
 My Morning Coffee, Sadly I can't start my day with out this blessed cup of coffee with Agave and coconut creamer. Infact now I am ready for a decaf cup. 
This is my Shakeology I have been drinking every morning for the last month. This is the Chocolate Covered Strawberry that I am currently obsessed with. If you haven't heard about Shakeology or read about the facts you can click on the link or go here to read more. 
Since I am on Spring Break (Woo Hoo) Grandma and I went to the local farmers market and picked up a few Items that we can't get at the local grocers. One of which is Avocado blossom honey. It is some of the best tasting honey I have had in a long time and it is from a farm 70 miles away so supposedly it will help with allergies (or that is what I heard and haven't looked up yet). Anyways since we were out and about I suggested that we try the new Pho restaurant in La Quinta called Pho Vu.  
I got the Vegetarian Pho with Veggies and Tofu. It was tasty and my belly was happy. I will be going back frequently, I have missed Pho and now I have it back. 
And there ends my exciting foods! I had leftovers for dinner and a rice cake with Peanut butter and Crofters Asian Super Fruit spread. (Yum)

Don't judge me by what I am about to show you, it is taking a lot to share this picture with you. When taking pictures in my home I often try to figure out how to avoid showing anything other than the item I want to share. This is one of the things I am trying to balance in my life so bear with me as I learn how to balance cleanliness and the rest of my life.

Today was not as productive as I wanted it to be but I did build a bookshelf to clean up this mess.
 I really do want to be more organized, but it seems with School and work everything just gets thrown in a pile and then begins to multiply like rabbits. Oh my goodness I can not believe I am posting the mess of a living room. But at least I can take comfort that it now looks like this:
Even though I am sitting right in front of this I could sit here and stare at this picture forever. I like straight lines, bookshelves that are full and no stupid clutter. My soul always sighs in relief. 
So I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday and thanks for checking me out! 

What is your favorite Protein Drink?

Wishing you sweet and spicy soup, 

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