Monday, April 4, 2011

Meatless Monday Pasta Primavera (Sorta)

Good day!  I know I know it is Monday and I should be miserable, but I am not because it is Spring Break!  Wooo Hooo!  Not that I am going to do anything fun, my plans consist of running errands and having things done in my house that we have been putting off for entirely too long.
I am also going to be doing 2 things that will hopefully boost my weight loss. I have somewhat stagnated on my weight loss since I cut meat and dairy out of my life. Starting tomorrow I will be starting the Turbo Fire 5 Day Inferno plan, then starting Friday I will be doing a 3 day Shakeology cleanse. These are all things that will be happening in the future, but for the present I have a concoction to share with you.
When I started working on Dinner tonight I was intending to make Pasta Primevera, I started with a Vegan Recipe that I found last week online, but then slowly began to make it my own as I realized I didn't have all the ingredients I began piecing together other recipes to make it my own.
 So now I present to you Meatless "Pasta Primevera" concoction. 
(I do not have pictures of the veggie prep) 
You will first Cut your onion and prepare them to Saute for until they are soft.
You will then begin adding in the other vegetables. 
The veggies will need to saute until they are soft or to your preferred crispness. 

 Then add your Dijon mustard, flour and spices. I didn't have Dijon mustard so I did a mixture of Honey mustard dressing and Gluten Free flour and Coconut Milk.
 To added more of the cheesy taste used some Parmesan cheese that had been hanging around in the fridge. 
 And then the goat cheese. I used 5 oz  and cut it into manageable pieces
 Everyone into the pan. That is 8oz of Pasta and the goat Cheese
 All mixed up
Ready to Eat, Looking at this is making me hungry again. :( 
This recipe was quite good, It definitely wasn't the package primavera that I grew up on, but it was still fabulous. Here are the Ingredients
Pasta Primavera (Sorta)
6oz Asparagus trimmed and cut diagonally 3 times
1 Cup fresh Peas
1 cup Baby Carrots cut
1 Sweet Onion
1 Red Bell Pepper
4oz Crimini Mushrooms
2Tbs Minced Garlic
8oz DeBoles Gluten Free Spiral Mushrooms
3Tbs mix of Dijon and Yellow Mustard
3Tbs All Purpose Flour
1 Cup Dairy Free Milk
5 oz Soft Goat Cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste

Cut Onions and Saute in a pan with oil. While onions are sauteing begin preparing other vegetables to saute.  When onions are soft add the garlic and then add remaining veggies. Keep an eye on the veggies and stir as needed. While Vegetables are cooking begin preparing your pasta and cook according to your taste. When Vegetables are to the desired crispness add Mustard, Dairy Free Milk, and flour stir and cook until the flour has been absorbed and a thick sauce has formed. When Pasta is ready add Goat Cheese and Past and mix until the Goat Cheese is evenly distributed.  Add salt and pepper to taste and ENJOY!

Thank you for stopping by and seeing my crazy concoction that was suppose to be Pasta Primavera. This will be linked up with Midnight Maniac Meatless Monday. Go there she has 100's of wonderful links to help if you can't figure out what to make for your Meatless Monday.

I am on Spring Break this week and will be able to post more regularly and in this time I have also decided to start another blog. I will be posting about my Journey through the Gospels. This is a study that is being led by Mom's Toolbox and if you are interested I would encourage you to go there and start at anytime during the next 13 weeks.  You can find my pondering's here My Journey.

Check back Later for my thoughts about the first day of Turbo Fire Inferno Plan and My Meals and Calorie intake.

Meatless Meals and Time to sweat them off,

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