Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am On fire, Turbo Fire.

Well this week of Turbo Fire Inferno didn't go as planned. Mainly because I had my Lady days and along with that came crippling cramps that lay me up for two days. :-( But I did the first two days and had a blast. Ok well a blast isn't exactly true.
The First day I was hating life. At 55 minutes and not really knowing the routine very well I was getting bored and just wanted to get to the 10 minute stretch at the end. This is not the fault of the program, I just didn't know what to do so I stumbled through it and just wanted it to be over. Also the title was deceptive Turbo Fire 55 EZ, this is not what I would call easy, I was dripping with sweat within the first 10 minutes.

 Onto the second day 45 minute class then 20 minute HIIT and 10 minute stretch. 
This was after the first 10 Minutes, the warm up and one round. I felt a little bit better during this session because I kind of knew how the routines were going to go. But it still kicked my but in 10 minutes but I was ready to  keep going. 

 This was half way through and the expression on my face was you have got to be kidding me Chalene, you want me to do what? How about you do that and I will just take a little nap. 
 Wooo hooo Turbo Fire 45 is done and HIIT 20 was done. I  was ready to die and couldn't keep my hair up if I tried. 
After everything was done I took final relaxation on my mat and thought about curling into a ball and take a little nap. But my Shakeology breakfast was no match for that workout and I was starving. 

This has been the theme this week. I eat something and an hour or so later I am ready for another meal. It is crazy how much I have eaten this week and thankfully I am burning it all off. 

I will give you an update when I have done a few more weeks of this, I am enjoying this and it reminds me of BodyCombat at Goldsgym.  I forgot how much I enjoyed "kickboxing" type classes and how responsive my muscles are to punching and kicking.  The second day my deltoids were screaming every time I raised my hand over my head.  I L♥VE it!

Is there anything that you L♥VE that others might find strange?
Mine would have to be the soarness that you feel after a particularly hard lifting or aerobics class. I really like to feel my muscles when I move around in my normal day.

Wishing you Muscle growth and strength,

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