Monday, May 9, 2011

A half Day in Pictures!

Saturday I thought that we were going to visit the wonderful Fiesta Island which we have not been to since last fall. With the rise of recent gas prices we have tried to be wise about where we go, so after finally deciding to head out this weekend, our plans were cut short by the need to have the spare tire fixed so we wouldn't get stuck on the mountain between her and San Diego with a flat and no spare. So my day was started with the pups at the dog park and here are some of the things we did, for the few hours we were out and about. 
 The kid park next to the Dog Park. 
 Ok, Grandma I am going to the car place, hurry up!
 Yeah, Tired Puppies
 Another Tired Puppy. That is the only reason I go to the dog park, well besides them being darn cute when they play. 
 This is one of the art structures in the Valley I live in. 
 This is the distress Sophie feels while we got my car washed. Ok she wasn't really distressed we have been doing this since she was a puppy so it is more of a, "ok I guess I will allow this again, though I would rather be chasing a ball."
 View from the car. 
When I was uploading my pictures I was confused because the thumbnail of this looked like bacon or Pancetta. I couldn't figure out why I had pictures of raw meat on my camera. 
Well I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and was able to get some RR and time with family in. I will see you soon hopefully. 

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